Napoleonic Era Prints and Special Collection Prints from Arnold Friberg and Keith Rocco
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AFL 1: In Pursuit
AFL 2: A study of a Mountie with Escimo child fishing
AFL 3: Maintaining the Right
KRL 1: The Final Gamble - Napoleon at Waterloo
KRL 2: Victory in the Balance, Waterloo June 18, 1815
KRL 3: The Iron Duke, Wellington at Waterloo
KRL 4: The Lincolnshires in Square
KRL 5: A Chasseur's Fate, The Chasseurs of the Guard at Austerlitz
NPL 1: The Battle of Vittoria
NPL 2: The Battle of Waterloo
NPL 3: The Last Charge
NPL 4: The Assault on the breach at San Sabastian
NPL 5: Napoleon and his Staff
NPL 6: The Charge if the Life Guards
NPL 7: Friedland, 1807
NPL 8: The 33rd Regiment at the Battle of Waterloo
NPL 9: Napoleon Orders His Lancers to Attack
NPL 10: Vive L'Empereur
NPL 11: Wellington and Blucher, meeting after the Battle of Waterloo
NPL 12: Napoleon
NPL 13: Napoleon's Peril at Breinne-le Chateau,1809
NPL 14: Quatre Bras, 1815
NPL 15: The Passage of the Bidassoa by Wellington's Army
NPL 16: Blucher's Prussians cross the Rhine River
NPL 17: The Battle of Bautzen
NPL 18: Prepare for Cavalry
NPL 19: Sabres on the Esla
NPL 20: Wellington at the Inn of Waterloo Village
NPL 21: The Cottonbalers
NPL 22: Befreinungskrieg, 1813
NPL 23: L'Empereur, Commemorating the Times
NPL 24: Wellington looking over the battlefield at Waterloo
NPL 25: Hougoumont
NPM 1: The Death of Colonel McCara at The Battle of Quatre Bras, 1815
NPM 2: The 30th Foot at the Storming of Badajoz
NPM 3: 10th Prince of Wales Hussars in the Retreat to Corunna, 1808
NPM 4: Fight for the Standard
NPM 5: Capture of the Eagle by Sgt. Ewarts, Waterloo
NPM 6: Friedland, 1807
NPM 7: The Dawn of Waterloo
NPM 8: Napoleon at Friedland
NPM 9: Charge des Cuirassiers au Chemin creux D'Ohain
NPM 10: Charge of the Union Brigade
NPM 11: Charge if the Cuirassiers at Waterloo under the lead of Marshall Ney
NPM 12: French Hussar of the 18th Regiment
NPM 13: The Battle of Waterloo, Charge of the Inniskillin Dragoons
NPM 14: "1814"
NPS 1: News from the Front
NPS 02: Passage du Rhin a Dusseldorf Le 6 Septembre 1795
NPS 03: Napoleon a Boulogne
NPS 04: Gardes D'Honneur - En Vedette
NPS 05: Garde Imperiale- Chevau- Legers Polonais- Tenue de Campagne
NPS 06: Garde Imperiale - Chasseur a Cheval - Tenue de Parade
NPS 07: Garde Imperiale - Grenadiers a Cheval - Tenue de Parade
NPS 08: The Sentinel
NPS 09: The Duke of Wellington on the road to Quatre Bras
NPS 10: Le Reve
NPS 11: Napoleon
NPS 12: The Battle of Leipzig
NPS 13: The Defence of Hougoumont Farm at Waterloo
NPS 14: Wellington at Waterloo
NPS 15: The Battle of Waterloo at the Close of the Day
NPS 16: Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow
NPS 17: Now Maitland ! Now is Your Time! - The Battle of Waterloo
NPS 18: Distribution of the Eagles
NPS 19: Garde Imperiale Chasseurs a Cheval, Grande Tenue
NPS 20: Garde Imperiale Grenadieers a Cheval, Grande Tenue
NPS 21: Austerlitz, 1805, Cuirassiers before the charge
NPS 22: Les Ordonnances
NPS 23: Napoleon in this Study
NPS 24: The Decisive Moment at Waterloo
NPS 25: Battle of Meringo
NPS 26: The Fusilier Batallian (Prussian) at Gros Goerchen 2nd May 1813
NPS 27: The Dispatch
NPS 28: Viva L'Empereur, the charge of the 4th Hussars at the battle of Friedland, June 14th, 1807
NPS 29: Wellington
NPS 30: "1814"
NPS 31: A Cavalry Skirmish

Comments on the Prints
1. Prints are all printed on acid free paper.
2. Some pictures as displayed may appear slightly blurred or the color may be slightly different than the print. This may be because of our inablity to reproduce exactly the definition and color of these beautiful prints as you would see them and are reproduced in the original prints. The prints themselves are perfectly clear and sharp.
3. Most of the prints have a border of several inches. Some have no border. Only the image size will be shown here.
4. In mailing we will roll these up protected by soft paper and shipped in a tube. Some are mounted already and will be shipped flat.
5. These prints are on sale and our first offering at these prices. Many are collectors items. We do not ship framed unless the customer absolutely insists.
6. You will be well pleased with the quality of these prints. They are beautiful and accurate representations of the history and pageantry of this fascinating Napoleonic period.
7. There are three main size groups: NPL - Large, NPM - Medium and NPS - Small

Shipping and Insurance
NPL Large Prints: $12.00    NPM Medium Prints: $10.00    NPS Small Prints: $8.00
If they will have to be shipped flat, there my be a slightly higher charge.  Shipping to Europe and the UK is approximately three times the amount I have shown here.

Additional Notes
I have some of the magnificent catalogs that are sold by Cranston Fine Arts in Scotland. I have # 1, # 2, # 5 and # 6 as extras I will sell for $10 each plus $1.00 each for postage. These volumes are filled with pictures and information on famous artists. They are well worth the money for those interested in military history as it is portrayed in fine art. — Whit Young